In years past, all publications where produced on printed paper and then read page by page. While the process of creating a publication (whether it was the “Great American Novel” or an implant dentistry magazine) was always very labor intensive, there was definitely a sense of satisfaction on the part of the people who created the publication. The smell of fresh ink would remain on the printed pieces, and even the ink on the pages would deliver a tactile sensation as a person was reading. All of this is why, even with all the changes that have taken place since the digital revolution hit our society, people still love to read printed books and magazines.

Book Stores Are Still Standing

A few years ago, when the Internet really started to take over seemingly every aspect of our society, it seemed assured that books would become completely obsolete, and book stores would become a relic of the past. Now, with the passage of time, the dust seems to finally be settling as far as the printed word goes, and what we are seeing is that many people still have great affection for printed books and bookstores.

A Welcoming Feel

Visiting a bookstore and spending hours lounging around and reading bits of book on all kinds of topics has long been an enjoyable hobby for many people. Small bookstore owners are finding that they can still run a very successful business selling books if they keep their stores welcoming, and offer many community events for visitors as well. Bookstores offer a place to meet and talk to other people in a highly enjoyable setting, and it’s this welcoming feel (along with coffee and conversation) that is continuing to draw people in, as they choose the printed word, along with their Internet browsing.