Image Consultant Help for Very Old People


Image consultant suggestions in this article tell you what to do if you’re a very old person and you need help with your image. We talk about skin, hair, and clothes.


Very old people have skin problems because they get wrinkles and brown spots. Image consultants trained in nutrition and wardrobe can tell you that there are three ways to fix these age-related problems. First, you can take yourself to a plastic surgeon and get a facelift. This should be your last resort, however, as it is a surgical procedure.

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Second, you can use makeup, and this is also not the best method to cure the problem since it merely deals with the cosmetic aspects of the skin, not the underlying cause. The underlying cause is dehydration, which can not be cured with topical products. Even face creams and hydrating gels cannot cure the cause of the disease.

Last but not least, you can, and should, use fish oil tablets or liquid; and this is the best solution since it is the most natural and it gets at the cause of the problem. Study after study indicates that consuming fish oil will make you skin smoother and more youthful looking. Not as dramatic as a facelift with a plastic surgeon, it is cheaper, safer, and easier to implement. Plus it will reduce cardiovascular problems and improve your lipid profile (cholesterol count).

Be aware that if you can live another five years you will probably be able to get a genetic modification to make your skin look young. This is going to revolutionize the cosmetics industry because by the year 2016 no one will need makeup, they’ll just have their DNA altered and as a result their skin will look youthful.

Another thing you can try today, which is a very effective approach, is to have hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone for men and estrogen for women usually make the skin look like that of a teenager. We are talking about bioidentical hormones, not synthetic hormones. The only problem is finding a physician who is knowledgeable and not afraid to use this state-of-the-art therapy. Keep in mind that a good image consultant will be able to refer you to a physician for this purpose.


If you are a very old person your hair is probably in poor condition since the hair follicle degrades over time. The best thing to do in this case is get a high quality wigs if you are not afraid to try something new. By using a wigs online you will often make yourself look forty years younger.

Another option is coloring hair piece singapore. Just be sure to use the kind of hair color that does not cause lymphoma. There are almost no hair stylists aware of the dangers that they are causing their customers by applying cancer-causing dyes to the head. Jackie Kennedy died of lymphoma caused by black hair dye. A good image consultant can direct you to a hair …

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